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CTV▓.com Panview Ed
itor-in-ch iefDaocheng County, in
southwest China's Sichuan Provinc
e, is known to Wes terners for its Yadin▓g
scenery, which is branded as "the
last pu r▓e land on earth", "th
e last Shangri-La" , and "the holy land▓ i
n the sun" f or its crystal clear lak
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prings.B ut as a
Chines▓e sayi ng goes, amazing scenery
is usually appreciate▓d at perilou
s peaks, indeed people can only
come into the h▓oly land of Yading wi
th dilig ent and even dangerous 
explorati ons.For tourists, it's a
once-for-ad o travel, you come, you
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